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Clue 1Name (Stage Name, please)Clue 2
The dance of one of their songs was entitled 'Nation's Arrogant Dance'The member's group was named after Brown Eyed Soul, because it was their aspiration. (Made it too easy!)
The singer of the song which was honored Song of the Year 2010 (MAMA). See clue panel for the song.2NE1's Can't Nobody. Lyrics. (I don't think that will help much)
Boyband! Debuted in 2010. One of their song was kind of similiar to H.O.T's Candy.5 Gods of the East, on of the remaining 2. How are they related? One is a big fan of either Changmin or Yunho.
Have a song titled 'Good Luck' but the title is in another language.Rebecca Black - Friday. Another easy peasy clue, 9 members
Hardest question! Please enter one of the extreme fellow STANDs have named their much hated group. Mzltv, ok? Cuz I can't give U any clue!
Last easy peasy! The group that is more popular overseas, name a member, past or present!Brave Bros
Extra: 'Can You Feel My Heartbeat?'One Day

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