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Can you name the foreign players in SM-liiga with most points since 1989/90?

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PointsPlayerNationality - Teams
479CZE - SaiPa, Jokerit, Blues
416RUS - Tappara
375CZE - HIFK, Blues
359LAT - Ässät, TPS, HPK, Kärpät
320CAN - Blues, Pelicans, Ilves, Lukko, SaiPa, Tappara
293CAN - Lukko, Ilves
264SWE - Tappara, Blues
239RUS - HPK, Ässät, Kärpät
235CAN - Jokerit, Ässät, HPK, Jyp*
228CZE - HPK, Ilves, Kärpät
221CZE - Jokerit, Blues, Jyp, Kärpät
216CZE - SaiPa, Jokerit, Kärpät
195CZE - Tappara
194CAN - Ilves, Blues, HPK, Jyp
193CZE - Blues
190CAN - Lukko, Jokerit, Tappara
PointsPlayerNationality - Teams
189CZE - KalPa
188LAT - Lukko, Pelicans, Jokerit, HIFK, SaiPa
183CZE - Blues, TPS
177USA - Pelicans, Kärpät
174CZE - HPK, Jokerit, Kärpät
172RUS - HIFK, SaiPa
168CAN - Blues, Ilves, HIFK
160CZE - Ässät, HPK, Lukko
158SWE - Jyp, Ilves
155CAN - SaiPa, Blues
145CAN - Blues, Jokerit, SaiPa
141CZE - HPK, Lukko, Ässät, Blues
141RUS - Kiekko-Espoo
141CZE - Ässät, HPK
138CZE - HPK
137CZE - Lukko, KalPa, Ässät
PointsPlayerNationality - Teams
134GER - Ässät, Jokerit
131CZE - Kärpät
123CAN - HIFK, Tappara
122CZE - Jyp, HIFK
121CZE - Lukko, HPK
118SVK - Ässät*
117CZE - Jyp
117CZE - HPK, TPS, Kärpät
114LAT - Lukko, Tappara
111BLR - HPK
111CZE - Pelicans, HIFK, Jokerit
110USA - Jokerit
107KAZ - HPK
106SWE - Lukko, Ilves, HPK
105SWE - Kiekko-Espoo, Blues

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