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Can you name the Phineas and Ferb Characters without 'I'?

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Green Haired brother
He's got a beaver tail and a bill
Control freak
A fireside Girl
An Indian-American friend of Phineas'
Works the camera, and is an intern
Head of the OWCA
The school bully
Hippy friend of Phineas' sister
Did hold the record for most patches awarded in 1 day.
The English step-dad of Phineas
Black haired with a blue dress
Works at Mr Slushy Burger
The goth and daughter of Heinze
Son of the artist that makes really big pictures and models
The big robot Heinze built
Former wife of Heinze Doofenshmirtz
Appears sweet but is actually evil
Grandad_____ Flynn
Grandma_____ Flynn
Heinze's brother
Linda's favourite band
2nd in command in the fireside girls, and know big words no one else knows

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