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QUIZ: Can you name the Mythical Creatures?

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DescriptionMythical Creature
Winged horse
Horse with a horn
Winged man
Mischievous fairy
Half man half horse
Half man half goat
Woman with snakes for hair
Half woman half fish
Fire-breathing Lizard
one eyed man
lion, snake, and goat hybrid
three headed dog
half man half bull
Half woman half lion
half woman half vulture
half bird half lion
small irish man who grants wishes
half woman half bird
sea creature who wrecks ships
half horse half eagle
men associated with archery
man who does one's bidding when summoned
small men associated with axes
Blood drinkers
DescriptionMythical Creature
undead that eat brains
half man half wolf
lost soul
humanoid made of clay, rock, or wood
nine headed dragon
lives under bridges
half horse half dolphin
helpful pixie that does chores at night
woman with magic power that deals with potions
man with magic powers, usually carries a staff
ghost that kills the person who heard its scream
huge person
wingless fairy
half god half human
stupid, ugly humanoids
spirit that lives in a tree
seal in water, human on land
water horse known for drowning people
a sprite or elf that is mischievous or malicious toward people
snake that kills with eye contact
an evil spirit
grotesque figure of an animal or human
undead wrapped in bandages
ghost that haunts a person

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