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Well, now's the time to say your prayers...Sex & Hollywood
We are lost in your mistakes. Play our hymn for the brand new day...We Stitch These Wounds
Gently rest your weary head, what you live for now is dead...We Stitch These Wounds
You're not alone, and we'll brave this storm...We Stitch These Wounds
Born into the night, pain will shine our light...We Stitch These Wounds
I tried to save you, but let you drink the pain...Rebels -EP
I bleed for you, forever I will lie awake...Set The World On Fire
You left me with these broken lies, and I let you...Set The World On Fire
Sleep forever now my darling, I won't dwell on...We Stitch These Wounds
Well this marks the day I killed you. So cuddle, make your bed, we broke the ice. You're only dead and... Sex & Hollywood
Everyday it's still the same dull knife, stab it through and justify your pride...We Stitch These Wounds
You always want the one that you can't have...Set The World On Fire
An angel or demon, your Gods you prayed on lonesome nights...We Stitch These Wounds
Our minds eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion, an illusion you hide behind...Set The World On Fire
LyricSong Album
Awake at night you focus, on everyone who's hurt you...We Stitch These Wounds
So take your hand in mine its ours tonight________Hearts will sacrifice its do or die...Set The World On Fire
Praying for what your heart bring, thoughts of escape and bloodshot eyes...Set The World On Fire
So hear my voice, reminds you not to bleed. I'm here...Set The World On Fire
Saints born together, to fight against their holy fables the streets are where we pray...Set The World On Fire
Well lets pack our bags and head west Where the cities only breed evil...Sex & Hollywood
Hear it in her voice she's Stalling You were just another man....Set The World On Fire (iTunes bonus track)
I raise my heart and sing, that I won't believe this lie...We Stitch These Wounds
Standing alone in the soot and stone, He draws from his holster, a man....???
On leather wings, rose from the streets, with the hands on destinySet The World On Fire
We booked our flight those years ago, you said you loved me as you left me...We Stitch These Wounds
As I wrote this prayer for you Wishing I believe in something more...???
You kissed the lips of evil, two months is all the same...We Stitch These Wounds
Baptised in smoke and misery a loaded gun and a bastards history...Set The World On Fire

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