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Can you name the book from the 5th sentence on page 23?

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You have some, Papa.
I shan't have it, Walter.
I never give my real name.
They began there and dug.
Hassan and I were stunned.
Pitying each other, the three women agreed that, should the chance befall them, they would unite and try to reach the Fountain together.
A month later the vase was left for safety in a farmhouse, and Lieutenant Tallis waded across a river in spate to retrieve it, returning the same way at midnight to join his unit.
Did I really have to use the word 'passion'?
You must go straight into the church and apologise.
I went into science a great deal myself at one time; but I saw it would not do.
She nodded in the direction of the Big Issue salesman and the leaflet girl, and whispered loud enough for them to hear, 'Looks like gypsies, isn't it?...
It is late, and my people are not available.
In fact, one by one everyone we know will start pitching their mortal coils in the drink.
I often let my Legs drop, and could feel no bottom: But when I was almost gone, and able to struggle no longer, I found myself within my depth; and by this time the storm...
But the drunk was not listening.
But they hadn't harmed it one bit.
What if you find ten there?
Stradlater had the middle one.
Clevinger skirted the trap neatly.
And when he was on the tail of the pop the whip, he would twirl off the end like a top, spinning, falling, laughing, finally stopping just before my heart beat its last...
The butterfly raised and lowered his wings slowly.
Take the case of Count von Schmettau against a miller by the name of Arnold.
But all that night, waking or in my sleep, the same thoughts recurred and the same images retained possession of my brain.
His heart was thumping like a drum, but his face, from long habit, was probably expressionless.
I'd never seen so many books in one place that wasn't a library.
A delicate, ladylike spatter of applause, and we all sat down at the enormous linen-draped table.
Thought for a little while whilst pretending to study tedious-beyond-belief manuscript from lunatic.
Yet Darya Frantsovna, an ill-intentioned woman who's been in trouble with the police on many occasions, had already two or three times been to make inquiries through the landlady.

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