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Can you name the movies of 2009 based on their taglines?

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Forced Order
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Here comes the bribe...
A basterd's work is never done
Evil never looked so good
Revenge is coming
Passion. Ambition. Butter. Do you have what it takes?
The world needs bigger heroes
The future begins
Oooze gonna save us?
Outwit. Outspy. Outsmart. Outplay, Then get out.
An all new world awaits
Dark secrets revealed
The sub-zero heroes are back, on an incredible adventure... for the ages
Mankinds earliest civilization warned us this day would come
Let angels guide you
Some guys just can't handle Vegas
Nothing Escapes Him
You don't have to be a hero to do this job. But it helps
This city is afraid of me. I've seen its true face.
The story of a man ready to make a connection.
America's Most Wanted

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