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Childhood Friend
Area with School Ruins
Forest Filled with Spiders
Jaheira's Alignment
Name of the Western Coast
Minse's Pet Companion
Teleporting Arachnid
Drizzt's Favored Weapon
Kills Foster Father
Drink this Potion for 23 Strength
Guards of Nashkel
Xan's Sword
Dynaheir's Location
Green Hard-Shelled Creature
Grants Double First Level Spells
Grants +1 Wisdom Permanently
Drow Elf Cleric NPC
Year the Game Released
Montaron's Companion
Nashkel Mines Common Enemy
Ability that Governs Armor Class
Foster Father
Magic Shop next to Thieve's Guild
Class with Racial Enemies
Class that Allows 4 Weapon Slots
Mercenary Company/City Guards
Melf's Level 2 Spell
Most Valuable Necklace
Vampiric Touch's School of Magic
Spell that Increases Speed

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