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Can you name the DC/Marvel Female Characters?

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Real NameHero Name
Diana Prince
Jean Grey
Carol Danvers
Anna Marie
Dinah Laurel Lance
Zatanna Zatara
Karen Starr
Selina Kyle
Natasha Romanov
Barbara Gordon
Ororo Monroe
Jennifer Walters
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Wanda Maximoff
Jessica Drew
Helena Bertinelli
Susan Storm Richards
Raven Darkholme
Rachel Roth
Real NameHero Name
Janet Van Dyne
Donna Troy
Alison Blaire
Doreen Green
Felicia Hardy
Elektra Natchios
Kate Kane
Kara Zor-El
Harleen Quinzel
Pamela Isley
Elizabeth Braddock
Jade Nguyen
Barda Free
Zinda Blake
Lilith Clay
Carol Ferris
Imra Ardeen
Rose Wilson
Shayera Hol
Mari Jiwe McCabe
Jubilation Lee

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