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75 Years of Robin Challenge Quiz

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Name of Robin I
Name of Robin II
Name of Robin III
Name of Robin IV
Name of Robin V
The year Robin I debuted
Profession of Robin I before becoming Robin
Name of Robin I's father
Name of Robin I's mother
The mob boss that killed Robin I's parents
The name Robin I takes after quitting the Robin mantle
Robin I's current mantle (as an agent of Spyral)
The year Robin II debuted
Name of Robin II's father
Name of Robin II's mother
Name of Robin II's actual mother
The country in which Robin II first meets his actual mother
The villain that kills Robin II
The weapon the villain uses to kill Robin II
The mantle Robin II takes up after his resurrection
The year Robin III debuted
Name of Robin III's father
Name of Robin III's mother
The villain that killed Robin III's mother
The villain that killed Robin III's father
The name Robin III takes after being ousted from the Robin mantle
Current team Robin III belongs to
The year Robin IV debuted
The name Robin IV took up before beconing Robin
Robin IV's father
Robin IV's mother
Robin IV's father's villain name
The mantle Robin IV takes up after being fired from the Robin position
The year Robin V debuted
Robin V's father
Robin V's mother
Robin V's grandfather on his mother's side
The organization Robin V was supposed to be the heir of
The person who kills Robin V
Is Robin V resurrected? (Yes or no)

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