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Can you name the main characters of Soul Calibur series?

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Soul EdgePirate
Soul EdgeBandana, male
Soul EdgeNever to be seen again
Soul EdgeSamurai/Ronin
Soul EdgeKind of a savage
Soul EdgeBandana, female
Soul EdgeBlack Wind
Soul EdgeSkirt
Soul EdgeNinja
Soul EdgeFreaky
Soul CaliburExecutioner
Soul CaliburPirate's daughter
Soul CaliburScar on cheek
Soul CaliburAnthropomorphic
Soul CaliburRegent hair
Soul CaliburSouls...
Soul CaliburJust kidding!
Soul CaliburMechanic arm
Soul Calibur 2Greek
Soul Calibur 2Orange hair
Soul Calibur 2Rapier
Soul Calibur 2Wind...
Soul Calibur 3Evil
Soul Calibur 3Owl
Soul Calibur 3Geisha
Soul Calibur 3Bipolar
Soul Calibur 3Immortal
Soul Calibur 4Ancient man
Soul Calibur 4Young redhead
Soul Calibur 4Redhead
Soul Calibur 5Reptilian
Soul Calibur 5Not Sophitia!
Soul Calibur 5Chinese
Soul Calibur 5Ninja
Soul Calibur 5Justice
Soul Calibur 5Innocent
Soul Calibur 5Floating orb
Soul Calibur 5Hungry
Soul Calibur 5Wolf

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