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Who are all of the gang members in the story classified as the 'Greasers?'
What are all the qualities of a Greaser?
What are all the qualities of a Soc?
Who is the youngest member in the gang besides Ponyboy?
Who is Ponyboy's real brother out of the gang
What type of family did Johnny came from?
Who is the toughest member in the gang?
When Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit went to the movie drive-in, how did the conflict between Two-Bit and Cherry the Soc began?
In the story, is claimed to be Cherry's Soc boyfriend?
Why did Darry decided to hit Ponyboy, even though he had never did in the past?
Where do Johnny and Ponyboy runaway too
Why Bob and his gang decide to jump Ponyboy and Johnny, as they spotted them?
Why did Johnny decided to kill Bob?
Who do Ponyboy and Dally go to and ask for help?
Why did Johnny wanted to change his and Ponyboy's hair by dyeing it and cutting it?
How did the church began to caught on fire when Johnny and Ponyboy leave with Dallas to Dairy Queen?
Why did Ponyboy and Johnny went back into the church and risked their own lives over the children trapped in the church?
How badly condition was Johnny in when he came out of the church?
When Ponyboy was released what was him and Johnny considered?
How does the rumble occur between the Socs and the Greasers?
Who had won the rumble? The Socs or the Greasers?
What had happened to Johnny towards the end of the story?
Due to Johnny's death what had Dally reacted too it?
How did Ponyboy taken the deaths of Johnny and Dally?
Why did Randy decide to go over to Ponyboy's house?
What happened to Ponyboy when he returned back to school.
What did Ponyboy wrote about for his essay?

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