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Can you name the Character That joined Holby When.?

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Episode.Character Name.Clue.
'In At The Deep End.'They Are Probably The Most Famouse Holby Chaacter.
'A Mothers Love.'The Actor Was Voted The Most Popular New Commer In 2006 at the NTA's
'Stolen.'Was Recently Killed Off Of The Program
'Together Alone'He Was Working For ****** In London And Followed Him/Her Back To Holby.
'Rogue Males.'He Has 6 Wives.
'Shifts.''Depressing Giant Swede'
'More Equal Than Others.'******'* Best Friend At Holby.
'Baptism Of Fire.'Briefly Lesbion.
'Whose Heart is it Anyway?'Now In Casualty.
'It's Been A Long Day'The Character Is Now In Transelvania.
'Faith No More'Father Of Daniel.
'The Spirit Dancing'The Character Who Plays Her Is Dissabled.
Episode.Character Name.Clue.
'Running The Guantlet.''The Aggresive Registrar.
'Into the Dark'Has A Son Called Harry.
'Bird on a Wire'Slept With Her Boyfriends Dad.
'Together Alone'The Character Was Previously A Doctor.
'Unfinished Symphony'American.
'Mother Love'Voted In The 2007 Fan Awards 'Favourite All-Time Male'
'Brutally Frank' A Recent Graduate Of University Who Fears She Will Be Made Redundant.
'Proceed with Caution'He Dated Disha But Slept With Chrissie Who Tent Becomes Pregnant But It Becomes A Miscarrage He Then Kisses Jac And ***** Takes A Picture Then Posts It round The Hospital.
'Proceed with Caution' She Died Her Hair Red To Suit her Character.
'The Road Less Traveled'The Longest Serving Main Character To Date.
'Stick or Twist'The Girl Who He Thinks Is His Daughter Is Not Biologically His.
'Face Value.'Killed By A stabbing Out Of The Episode.

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