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Stan's violent, snobbish, ill-tempered and mischievous older sister
Kyle's overly-protective mother.
The boys' wealthiest classmate and apparently the only black child in the town
The boys' hyperactive and paranoid classmate due to an excessive intake of coffee, although his parents believe it to be because of ADD.
Mother of Cartman who spoils her son.
One of the boys' classmate who occasionally antagonizes them
One of the original four main boys, who is an obese, manipulative, ill-tempered racist
A talking stoner towel (currently sober), father of Washcloth
One of the original four main boys and one of South Park's more sensible characters
Ex-scout leader who used to own a sanctuary for gay animals, portrayed as the show's stereotypical gay character
Randy Marsh's half brother and Stan's uncle, who is portrayed as a hunter, TV show host, and gun store owner
City Wok owner, recently shown to be one of many personalities of a therapist with Multiple Personality Disorder.
One of the boys' two handicapped classmates and an amateur standup comedian he is known to stutter a lot when he talks due to his disability
One of the boys friends that appears in a lot of episodes in their classroom.( MintBerry Crunch)
The principal of the school
One of the boys' classmates who is very often involved in the antics of the main four.
Catholic priest
A Canadian television comedy duo later married to the Queef sisters
One of the boys' classmates and considered himself as the sexiest of the class.
The boys' teacher who had a sex change operation during
Stan's father, who worked as a geologist. He gets involved in stupid things such as becoming a celebrity chef and getting into baseball fights.
Character hintCharacterNothing
Butters' strict father
Local mad scientist and Marlon Brando lookalike
Randy's father and Stan's grandfather, who attempts to kill himself or have others do so
Kyle's younger brother, the Canadian-born adopted son of Gerald and Sheila
Randy's wife and Stan's mother.
Mr. Garrison's lover and classroom assistant, who later married Big Gay Al
One of the original four main boys and one of few Jewish children in South Park.
Kyle's father, who works as a lawyer.
One of the original four main boys and resident of a poor household.
Jimbo Kern's best friend who speaks through a voicebox
The school's counselor, who says 'M'Kay' randomly
Town's mayor
An Ethiopian boy
A police detective
Kenny's alcoholic and violent mother
One of the boys' two handicapped classmates whose vocabulary is mostly limited to the enthusiastic shouting of his own name
The town's highly untrained and undereducated police officer
Kenny's alcoholic and violent father
Butters' mother
The boys' blonde, female classmate and Wendy's best friend
One of the boys' classmates, Stan's girlfriend and Bebe's best friend

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