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Harry's Birthday
Fill in the blank: 'No! Jimmy.........! '
Fill in the blank: 'Somethings gotta give now, cause I'm dying just to know your.....'
Zayn's Birthday
Fill in the blank: '..... could be Harry's dad'
Which member only has one kidney?
' I like girls who eat.....'
Harry's audition song?
True or False: Niall is british
Liam's audition song?
'Niall's memory is terrible, its like a......?'
Liam had audtioned for X Factor before 2010, but what year?
What color eyes does Liam like?
Harry almost burned down the X Factor house by cooking ......?
What is their debut album called?
Which member is from Bradford?
Niall's audition song?
Which member's favorite vegetable is sweet corn?
Which member farts all the time?
Louis' audition song?
Which member served tea in one of the Video Diaries?
Which two members were fighting over Mary?
Fill in the blank: 'I used to have.......but they're dead now'
Fill in the blank: 'Why does Harry get so much attention?' 'It's the!'
Harry's old band name?
Louis' Birthday?
Louis got stung by what during the X-Factor?
Liam''s Birthday?
Zayn's audition song?
True or False: Zayn used to be spelled Zain?
Who wears stripes a lot?
Liam's favorite color?
Niall's Birthday?
Fill in the blank: 'Vas.......!'
Fill in the blank: 'If only you saw what I can....'
What is the name of 1D's first book?
What does Niall's favorite shirt say on it?
Who said: 'Can I have an order of chili chips please?'
Fill in the blank: 'Im dancing.....'
What's Harry's middle name?
What's Niall's brothers name?
What's Liam & Niall's middle name?
Fill in the blank: ' & girl what a mess I made upon your........'
'My worst habit is getting.....all the time'
What's Zayn's middle name?
What subject did Harry want to study at college?
Liam's dad's idea for the bands name?
What super power did Louis say he'd like to have?
What's Louis' middle name?
Niall's never had a .....?

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