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Can you name the Random Harry Potter Facts?

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The name of Ron's OwlGiven by Sirius
One element of Harry's wandThe core
Crookshanks is half what?Magical Creature
A person who can understand & speak to SnakesVoldemort and Harry are this
A Metamorphmagus from the booksFemale
Ron's name from his spell checking quilFrom the 6th book, Harry's 'nickname'
Cho's PatronusA Bird
The middle name of Harry's daughter LilyNamed after a Friend
Mr. Ollivander's first nameStarts with 'G'
The spell to make the Dark Mark appearBarty Crouch Jr. says it in the 4th book
Luna is bitten by this in the 7th bookFull name
'Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus' mean?The Hogwarts School Motto

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