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Can you name all the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park?

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DescriptionDinosaursAppearance in Film
Duck billedDoes not appear
Motherly lizardDoes not appear
Long neckedFirst dinosaur they see
Named after Charles _____ MarshDoes not appear
Roofed LizardMakes Malcolm say there will be screaming and running
Gets eaten everytimeDoes not appear
Clever GirlEats Muldoon
DescriptionDinosaursAppearance in Film
Eats Hammond (in book)Does not Appear
Spiked lizardDoes not appear
Tyrant KingEats Gennaro
Not a dinosaurDoes not appear
Often confused with AnkylosaurusDoes not appear
Small horned-faceDoes not appear
Good BoyEats Nedry

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