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Can you name the Roman Emperors and there Deeds?

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This Emperor was the son of a former Slave
He became Emperor through an auction
Was named after his God
Killed himself to prevent a civil war
He said 'money does not stink'
He built the 'golden house' for himself
Died after 2 years through a stroke
He was called the Apostate
Built a Wall in Britain named after him
Fought as Gladiator in the Arena
Built the largest public baths in Rome
Was a Co-Emperor, killed in 211 AD
They said that he was unusually tall and very strong
Uncle of Caligula
He married a vestalian Virgin
Spent his last years on Capri
The Empire was never that large like durning his regin
There is a month named after him
Was a stoic philosopher
Grand father, father and Son with the same first name

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