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What vault do you start in
name a type of super mutant
who kidnapped shaun
what is the upgraded fat man called
which companion is super mutant
what does the L in S.P.E.C.I.A.L stand for
what is the railroad's symbol
What tactic lets you target certain enemies
What enemies look like giant crabs
Who is the leader of the minutemen
where can you find Grognak's axe
Who runs diamond city radio
What radio show character can you pretend to be
The mayor of diamond city is a _______
You collecte these to gain skills
What chem slows down time
Super Mutants may say 'you hit like a _______
what device measures radiation levels
Name one of the four main factions
Which character dies no matter which ending you choose
what type of bullets does the hunting rifle take
which companion is named after a real person from history
name a character who is also in fallout 3
what is the name of the leader of acadia
who is the mob boss found in vault 114
what is the drink company found only in Far Harbour
what is the name of the super mutant who rules over trinity towers
name a group of human enemies
name one of the parks in nuka world

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