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in relation to the depth of space depicted in the frame the _____________ is made up of those elements that are closest to the camera
framing that includes the subject's head and shoulders
a composition that includes the entire human figure
a shot in which the camera is held directly by the camera person
the amount of space in the frame that is above the primary characters head
a shot in which the camera is higher than the subjects and tilted down
An edit between two shots from a single sequence that makes time or space shift abruptly or in a jolting manner; not continuous
when a character is facing to one side of the frame or the other this is the area in the frame between the characters face and the edge of the frame towards which he or she is faci
Moving images featuring living subjects in the physical world as opposed to animation
Shot filmed at a significant distance from the subject
a shot in which the camera is lower than the subject tilted up
an edit in which an action or visual form in the first shot is mathed with one in the second shot to create a smooth transition between shots
a shot in which the face occupies a substantial portion of the image. the top of the screen fames thee face frame the forehead to top of head while bottom below mouth or chin
this is the broad category of films that primarily consist of sequences of events that are linked by caused and effect following continuity of time and space
a shot take from the vantage point of behind one of the characters and including the persons shoulder and or back of the head
the turning of the camera to the left or right such as when mounted on a tripod
a shot in which the camera moves away from the subject widening the view
a shot in which the camera moves towards the subject narrowing the view
in an image the height and width can be equally divided in to thirds
a recorded series of images that show a view either fixed or moving which duplicates a passage of real time. it can be cut into smaller pieces through editing.
shot in which the framing does not move; generally the camera is mounted on a tripod for stability
a camera-stabilizing system introduced by Garrett Brown in in 1976 worm by the operator for steady camera movement. Creates smooth-looking shots while the camera operator is on foo
adjusting the angle of the camera in an upwards or downwards fashion as when mounted on a tripod
a shot that includes two characters; often a close or medium shot
a shot that takes in most or all of the space of the scene in view whether a room or an open space often filmed with wide-angle lens
________ is an imaginary line perceived between two or more characters in a scene used for purposes of continuity editing
in relation to the depth of space depicted in the frame the background is mae up of the visible elements( people spatial elements ect) that are the farthest from the camera
a shot in which the camera is mounted on a device that raises or lowers the camera significantly
a shot that features a portion or very close view of a subject such as a detail or face or small object
a change in the distance at which the image is sharp during a shot which which can be done manually on the lens, through the camera, or by a remote device
Term Answer
a shot in which the camera is on a moving device such as a dolly with wheels either independently mobile or mounted on tracks
an image gradually fades away to a black or monochromatic screen or other image
an image gradually appearing from a black or monochromatic screen or other image
the cutting and arrangement of shots designed to make sequences feel continuous in time and space
a transition between two shots or sequences whereby the first gradually fades out as the second fades in with some overlap
a shot that clearly identifies the location of a scene usually shown as the first shot of a sequence after a change in location
a piece or series of pieces of transparent material usually glass that receive and refract light to form an image at a set distance behind the lens.
a shot of detail of a scene( such as a object or a small detail of a character or a gesture) which is later inserted into the sequence during editing
in a narrative sequence this is a shot that 'cuts away' from the main action
editing that cuts between shots that would otherwise make up completely independent sequences used to establish relationships between different events usually occurring simultaneou
flexible sturdy substance typically made of cellulose acetate or polyester used in the film roll
a shot that is taken at the opposite angle from the shot immediately pervious to it. The _______________ shot is commonly used in dialogue sequences to depict movement of character
a mechanism that opens and closes to allow light to pass through the lens into the camera and onto the recording surface
a device used for cutting and attaching individual pieces of film.
production sound recorded separately from picture and without any talking or movement to preserve the noise that is present on location or a set
device used to increase the level of an electrical signal produced by a sound generally through the use of transistors or electron tubes, thus making the audio loud enough for proj
in audio recording a ________ is a long retractable pole to which a microphone is attached in order to be held near the source of sound in a scene
in a screenplay the words spoken by characters either on screen or off screen
noises created to synchronize with the images filmed during production, often recored in a sound studio with a viewing system
the actual physical space in which a film is set; the term is often used for any shooting site that is not in a film studio environment
the place and time period in which a scene or story occurs
non-synchronous sound effects, off camera lines, and non - sync dialogue recorded during production separately from the picture
device used to shield the microphone from wind or air currents or pressure. A common type is the blimp.
a small rectangular board with clapsticks at the top used to synchronize recorded sound with moving images and to provide technical and record keeping information
Spoken dialogue or narration heard by the viewer but that is not voiced directly by a character in the scene. includes voices imagined or remembered in the minds of characters in t
a series of shots that form a distinct storytelling unit or unified passage in the film
a shot that includes two characters often a close or medium shot
a shot that is from the point of view of a character in the film.
the meaning and significance created by two shots in juxtapostion that is not apparent in the shots when they are viewed separately
the invisible line percieved between the eye of a person and wheat is being seen by that person.

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