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#LanguageEssentialist Definition essentially English with vowels added to the ends of words. essentially the first syllables of Latin words spoken with a headcold. essentially Arabic with most consonants changed to 'sh' and 'kh'. essentially bad Spanish, mumbled. essentially English spoken with a French accent by a German. essentially Norwegian, only you drop out all the consonants, skip all the vowels and then mispronounce the rest. essentially is a lengthy math equation with too many variables. essentially Italian spoken by Arabs. essentially Norse as spoken by a gang of French thugs. essentially Symbolic Logic spoken as a tonal language.
#LanguageEssentialist Definition essentially Hungarian in the snow. essentially what you have if you read a satanist mass backwards. essentially Russian with beer instead of vodka. essentially Spanish and French spoken at the same time. essentially Classical Chinese with a second helping of vowels. essentially a philosophical cough. essentially Arabic as spoken by an Italian living in England. essentially Neanderthal spoken by Spaniards. essentially Finnish as spoken by Elves. essentially English, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Finnish, Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, and Russian all divided by 18.

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