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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters by TV tropes?

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Forced Order
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Gentle Giant, Friend To All Living Things, Stout Strength
Bond Villain Stupidity, Complete Monster, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
Chronic Hero Syndrome, I Just Want To Be Normal, The Power Of Love
Cool Teacher, Involuntary Shapeshifting, Only Sane Man
Clear My Name, Parental Substitute, Tall Dark And Handsome
The Atoner, Double Agent, Love Redeems
Bookworm, Insufferable Genius, She's Not My Girlfriend
Deadpan Snarkers, Loveable Rogues, High School Hustlers
Badass Grandpa, Mr. Exposition, The Obi Wan
Cloudcuckoolander, Conspiracy Theorist, Cute Witch
Big Bad Wannabe, The Rival, White Haired Pretty Boy
Eyepatch of Power, Properly Paranoid, Retired Badass

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