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Can you name the Bosses of Final Fantasy IX?

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It's a plant, yet it traps people.
Master Flower.
Refuses to fight alone.
A little braver than his predecessor.
A little more crazy than his predecessor.
Not really bad, just brainwashed.
She's a LOT stronger than you.
Eh? Apparently you didn't quite kill him.
Big Snake.
She's still a lot stronger than you.
Stupid Clowns.
She still owns you.
Bigger Snake
She's got a big axe.
Big green thing (and it's not Shrek).
Phoenix Down, anyone?
He's not all bad.
Becomes an available summon.
Least intelligent defence system ever.
Two stupid clowns for the price of one.
Defender of Ipsen's Castle.
One of the four elemental guardians.
Kuja's Steed
Not quite as evil as he was in FF1...
Do you really need a clue for this one?
Entrance exam for Memoria.
First Guardian
Second Guardian
Third Guardian
Fourth Guardian (He's harder this time)
Dragon summoned by Kuja
I think he looks a bit cooler this way.
Just what we need, another Nihilist...
Quina's final exam.
Master Synthesiser. Likes it under the sea.
Don't underestimate books
And NEVER underestimate Beach Balls

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