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Remember, Fark is meant to take random stories and portray them in a way that redeems them from their boredom to make them funny. So if some headlines strike you as weird or amusing, don't worry because THAT'S THE POINT
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First Part
'Stranger Passed Out, Vomited In Woman's Apartment' [1A] 
Nice Explanation As To Why It Is Cheaper To [1B] 
Hayride Overturns, [1C] 
And Now, Here's A Picture Of [1D] 
Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake [1E] 
It's 2011 And Still No Flying Cars. [1F] 
Stop Me If You've Heard This Before: [1G] 
Median Wage In The U.S. Now $26,000. [1H] 
Hitler Didn't [1I] 
Harold Camping [1J] 
After Getting A Promotion, Do You [1K] 
Maine Man Charged With [1L] 
New Jersey Man Arrested In Coffee House Rampage After [1M] 
Man In Bush Mask Robs Bank. [1N] 
Apparently, A Glossy Commercialized Version of [1O] 
Study: 1 in 100 Adults [1P] 
Bathroom At Chicago's Field Museum Voted Number One. [1Q] 
Serial Rapist On The Loose In Florida. [1R] 
Study Confirms You Shouldn't [1S] 
Virgin Pilot [1T] 
Terrorism? Actually, [1U] 
The Pentagon Has Launched a Campaign To Educate Soldiers About [1V] 
Ebay, I Mean [1W] 
Never Bring a [1X] 
1000-year-old Viking Relics Found In Scotland, [1Y] 
Man Dies When He Falls Off Yacht And Is Chopped Up By Propellers. [1Z] 
Second Part
Police Know It Wasn't The Real President Because [2A] 
Smoke Crack Than [2B] 
Those Who Knew Him Said [2C] 
The Revolution [2D] 
Knocks The Stuffing Out Of [2E] 
Go Blind Because Of [2F] 
Steak Knife To [2G] 
Injuring 28 People. [2H] 
Louisiana Law Makes It Illegal To [2I] 
Also Looks Great For [2J] 
We Do Have [2K] 
Made Suicide Plans In Past Year. [2L] 
Possibly [2M] 
Drunk Moroccans [2N] 
Blown Off, [2O] 
Sounds About Right For [2P] 
Or, As They Call It In Gainesville: [2Q] 
Steal Cash And [2R] 
Stealing a Purple Monkey. [2S] 
Not Back In Mississippi [2T] 
A Male Republican Politican Has Just Been Accused of [2U] 
Police: 'We Don't Know What He's Going To Do Next.' [2V] 
Ripping Off Shirt and Spewing Espresso. [2W] 
A Gorilla [2X] 
A New Terror Threat: [2Y] 
Eat Nachos [2Z] 
Third Part
In Sombreros To Blame [3A] 
Mustard Gas [3B] 
Inappropiate Thrusting Involved [3C] 
Buy Secondhand Goods With Cash [3D] 
Torch The Business [3E] 
Paying a Male Escort For Sex [3F] 
I'll Bet It's Not The Same 1% Everyone Keeps Talking About [3G] 
As ESPN Would Have You Believe [3H] 
Saturday Night [3I] 
This Person Devised A Successful Exit Strategy [3J] 
I'm Going To Go Out On a Limb Here And Guess Rape [3K] 
Cops Suggest Decaf [3L] 
Rowing A Pumpkin [3M] 
A Swordfight [3N] 
Panhandling In The Middle Of A Freeway [3O] 
Kittens [3P] 
Police Have Still Not Located The Dishwasher [3Q] 
Buy A Pint Of Good Beer In DC [3R] 
Off a Toilet Seat [3S] 
Bicycles That Play Vinyl Records [3T] 
He Made A Fine Chum [3U] 
That's The Last Straw [3V] 
WILL Be Televised [3W] 
Raptured [3X] 
Number Two [3Y] 
Turkey [3Z] 

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