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Can you name the one-hit wonders that performed these songs in the 1980s?

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Yes I'm Ready/2 
Take Your Time (Do It Right)/3 
With You I'm Born Again/4 
Lookin' For Love/5 
Tired of Toein' the Line/8 
One in a Million You/9 
Romeo's Tune/11 
Into the Night/11 
Pilot of the Airwaves/13 
Whip It/14 
Take a Little Rhythm/15 
Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime/18 
Should've Never Let You Go/19 
Without Your Love/20 
Wondering Where the Lions Are/21 
Stand By Me/22 
How Do I Survive/22 
I Believe in You/24 
Set Me Free/27 
I'm Happy That Love Has Found You/27 
The Seduction (Love Theme from American Gigolo)/28 
Who'll Be the Fool Tonight/29 
Gee Whiz/31 
Savannah Nights/34 
Rapper's Delight/36 
Only a Lonely Heart Sees/36 
King of the Hill/36 
Turning Japanese/36 
Ashes By Now/37 
If You Should Sail/38 
New Romance (It's a Mystery)/39 
A Lover's Holiday/40 
Just the Two of Us/2 
Theme from Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not)/2 
Giving It Up for Your Love/8 
Theme from Hill Street Blues/10 
Somebody's Knockin'/13 
What Are We Doin' in Love/14 
It's Now or Never/14 
Is It You/15 
Don't Stop the Music/19 
Sweet Baby/19 
Precious to Me/22 
Seven Year Ache/22 
Breaking Away/22 
Love You Like I Never Loved Before/24 
Sausalito Summernight/25 
Don't Give it Up/26 
Killin' Time/28 
Stronger Than Before/30 
Double Dutch Bus/30 
Say What/32 
Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through/32 
Everlasting Love/32 
You Could Take My Heart Away/32 
General Hospi-Tale/33 
Mister Sandman/37 
I Loved 'Em Every One/37 
I Want You, I Need You/37 
Just So Lonely/39 
Chariots of Fire/1 
I've Never Been to Me/3 
Let It Whip/5 
Key Largo/8 
Tainted Love/8 
Pac-Man Fever/9 
Hooked on Classics/10 
Take Off/16 
Goin' Down/17 
Nobody Said It Was Easy (Lookin' for the Lights)/18 
New World Man/21 
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going/22 
Forget Me Nots/23 
Call Me/26 
All Our Tomorrows/28 
If The Love Fits, Wear It/28 
Mama Used to Say/30 
Genius of Love/31 
Hooked on Swing/31 
Valley Girl/32 
More Than Just the Two of Us/34 
If I Had My Wish Tonight/36 
Someday, Someway/36 
Nice Girls/37 
Love Plus One/37 
Holdin' On/37 
Don't Let Him Know/39 
Murphy's Law/39 
Stone Cold/40 
Baby, Come to Me/1 
Come On Eileen/1 
Puttin' On the Ritz/4 
Der Kommissar/5 
She Blinded Me With Science/5 
Too Shy/5 
Pass the Dutchie/10 
Far From Over/10 
I Know There's Something Going On/13 
Major Tom (Coming Home)/14 
In a Big Country/17 
On the Loose/26 
Whirly Girl/28 
That's Love/28 
What About Me/29 
Can't Shake Loose/29 
So Wrong/30 
I Couldn't Say No/32 
The Clapping Song/36 
The Salt in My Tears/36 
Just Got Lucky/36 
It's Inevitable/38 
Burning Heart/39 
99 Luftballons/2 
Almost Paradise (Love Theme from Footloose)/7 
The Warrior/7 
Let the Music Play/8 
They Don't Know/8 
Breakin' (There's No Stopping Us)/9 
Desert Moon/10 
The Curly Shuffle/15 
We're Not Gonna Take It/21 
Modern Day Delilah/22 
The Politics of Dancing/24 
Baby I Lied/26 
White Horse/26 
My Ever Changing Moods/29 
It's My Life/31 
Girls With Guns/33 
A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)/35 
Sugar Don't Bite/36 
Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)/37 
10, 9, 8/38 
The Last Time I Made Love/40 
We Are the World/1 
Miami Vice Theme/1 
All I Need/2 
Easy Lover/2 
Axel F/3 
In My House/7 
Perfect Way/11 
Do They Know It's Christmas?/13 
Call to the Heart/15 
Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire/15 
Never Ending Story/17 
Object of My Desire/25 
I Got You Babe/28 
Turn Up the Radio/29 
Running Up That Hill/30 
This Is Not America/32 
When Your Heart is Weak/35 
Sun City/38 
Wake Up (Next to You)/39 
Friends and Lovers/2 
Let's Go All the Way/7 
The Rain/9 
Tender Love/10 
Tuff Enuff/10 
Baby Love/10 
I Wanna Be a Cowboy/12 
Tarzan Boy/13 
When the Heart Rules the Mind/14 
Digging Your Scene/14 
Emotion in Motion/15 
The Captain of Her Heart/16 
You're a Friend of Mine/18 
The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades/19 
No Easy Way Out/22 
One Step Closer to You/22 
I Do What I Do (Theme for 9 1/2 Weeks)/23 
Everybody Dance/24 
Take it Easy/24 
Live is Life/32 
For Tonight/32 
Feel It Again/34 
Hanging on a Heart Attack/35 
Out of Mind, Out of Sight/37 
Welcome to the Boomtown/37 
Shake You Down/1 
(I've Had) The Time of My Life/1 
Keep Your Hands to Yourself/2 
Don't Disturb This Groove/4 
Heart and Soul/4 
Respect Yourself/5 
Funky Town/6 
Can't We Try/6 
Right on Track/7 
Touch of Grey/9 
Kiss Him Goodbye/12 
Living in a Box/17 
The Honeythief/19 
Talk to Me/21 
Smoking Gun/22 
As We Lay/23 
Mary's Prayer/23 
Stay the Night/24 
Boys Night Out/25 
Heartbreak Beat/26 
Facts of Love/27 
Ship of Fools (Save Me From Tomorrow)/27 
Soul City/27 
Light of Day/33 
Sugar Free/35 
The Flames of Paradise/36 
I Don't Mind at All/38 
Don't Leave Me This Way/40 
Don't Worry Be Happy/1 
She's Like the Wind/3 
Rush Hour/9 
Two Occasions/10 
The Promise/11 
Pump Up the Volume/13 
Another Lover/13 
Beds are Burning/17 
You Don't Know/20 
My Girl/20 
Strange But True/21 
Love Changes (Everything)/23 
Under the Milky Way/24 
Not Just Another Girl/26 
Kiss and Tell/31 
Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right)/31 
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah/32 
Thanks For My Child/32 
Da Butt/35 
When We Kiss/36 
It Takes Two/36 
Tomorrow People/39 
When I'm With You/1 
So Alive/3 
Heaven Help Me/5 
Angel Eyes/5 
Surrender to Me/6 
What I Am/7 
I Remember Holding You/8 
Where Are You Now?/10 
Don't Close Your Eyes/11 
Thinking of You/12 
Iko Iko/14 
I Beg Your Pardon/15 
Talk it Over/19 
Don't Make Me Over/20 
Cuddly Toy (Feel For Me)/25 
Let Go/34 

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