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Forced Order
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Teenage boy embaresses exchange student, dates band geek
Female becomes news anchor, men are not happy
Teacher, dentist and fat guy can't find groom
Boy ditches school with his friend and girlfriend
Cop duo try to get Vince Vaughn jailed
Pot head witnesses murder, killers track him down
Male couple skate after being banned from 'singles'
Jason Segel goes to Hawaii after being dumped
Wannabe rockstar illegally teaches music to school children
Two teams of gym go-ers compete in tournament
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fight of Zombies
Steve Carell trying to cope as a spy
Three teenagers risk lives to go to party
The story of Moses based in New York
Foreign Army guy wants to be hair stylist
Adam Sandler goes to therapy with Jack Nicholson
Couple get married while wasted in Vegas
Green creature isolates himself from world because appearance
Canadian fights 7 evil people to get girl
Documentary of fake Kazakhstanian while in United States

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