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Nationality, date, ageDriverInformation
French, 10 September 1950, aged 44Instantly killed when his Cooper suffered from steering failure and somersaulted multiple times in the Haute-Garonne Grand Prix
French, 24 April 1954, aged 43Killed in practice for the Coupe de Paris at Montlhéry when he swerved to avoid another car and crashed into a concrete wall
French, 11 June 1955, aged 49Had head crushed after he crashed his Mercedes into a wall in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the resulting fire and flying car debris killing 83 (!) spectators
German, 3 March 1956, aged 48Succumbed to an inoperable brain tumor
British, 12 January 1957, aged 40Fatally injured when his Ferrari Monza crashed in a sports car race at the Ardmore Circuit in New Zealand
British, 14 July 1957, aged 48Killed in a F2 race at Reims Circuit driving a borrowed Cooper, the same race which cost Herbert MacKay-Fraser his life
German, 3 June 1958, aged 45Killed when driving a Ferrari in the 1000 km race at Nürburgring after overlooking the chequered flag and crashing into another car on its slowing-down lap
British, 21 September 1958, aged 43Instantly killed after a Jaguar he co-drove in the Tour de France Automobile crashed off a bridge and into a ravine. His brother Graham, who was the driver, survived with serious injuries.
British, 8 June 1959, aged 47Died of a severe heart attack in his family home in Foxcote, Gloucestershire
German, 20 May 1965, aged 48Succumbed to a long-running case of cancer in Ludwigsburg, Germany
Argentine, 9 March 1966, aged 42Died in a road accident in his hometown of Buenos Aires
American, 7 April 1966, aged 46Killed driving a Ford GT40 during Le Mans testing after aquaplaning made the car uncontrollable
Belgian, 23 August 1967, aged 48Killed racing a Porsche 911 in the 84-hour Marathon de la Route at Nürburgring
British, 7 November 1967, aged 46Succumbed to life-threatening injuries he suffered almost half a year earlier when crashing his Brabham in a F2 race at Zandvoort
American, 7 January 1968, aged 49Died of undisclosed causes in his hometown of Southbridge, Massachusetts
Nationality, date, ageDriverInformation
French, 7 July 1968, aged 40Burned alive after crashing his magnesium-bodied Honda in the French GP at Rouen
Belgian, 9 September 1969, aged 40Committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills in a hotel room in Ostend after injury at the 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans forced him into retirement
Swedish, 11 June 1972, aged 42Killed instantly when leading in the 24 Hours of Le Mans after his Lola crashed into the back of another car, somersaulted and exploded
Italian, 28 April 1973, aged 46Killed in a road accident near Bologna when crashing his car into the back of a delivery truck
Argentine, 21 October 1973, aged 40Killed in a local race near Aimogasta, La Rioja, after being ejected from his somersaulting car due to a failing seatbelt
British, 29 November 1975, aged 46He and Tony Brise were killed when a Piper Aztec he piloted crashed in foggy conditions near Elstree Airfield
Argentine, 11 March 1977, aged 43Died from a heart attack suffered in his hometown of Buenos Aires
British, 28 August 1977, aged 45Suffered fatal injuries in a road accident near Turin, Italy
British, 23 March 1981, aged 40Died two days after a road accident caused by an inattentive truck driver in Warwickshire, which also lead to the death of his 10-year old daughter
British, 29 March 1981, aged 43Killed instantly in a helicopter crash shortly after taking off from Silverstone Circuit
British, 2 July 1985, aged 40Died when his Pitts Special biplane crashed into the English Channel off Bognor Regis
French, 16 April 1988, aged 43Killed in a light aircraft crash near Saint-Etienne while on the way to a powerboat event
British, 29 December 1988, aged 48Died in Los Angeles of complications resulting from AIDS
British, 15 June 1993, aged 45Suffered a fatal heart attack while sleeping in his home in Wimbledon
Italian, 25 April 2001, aged 44Killed instantly while testing an Audi R8 Le Mans Prototype at Lausitzring when the car suffered a tyre failure at high speeds and crashed into a wall

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