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Nationality, date, ageDriverInformation
British, 29 July 1950, aged 34Killed at the wheel of the 'Freikaiserwagen' in the annual Blandford hillclimb event
Argentine, 31 July 1954, aged 30Fatally injured when driving his Maserati in practice for the German GP after the brakes of the car failed in a high speed corner
Italian, 26 May 1955, aged 36Fatally injured after somersaulting several times with a Ferrari 750 sportscar when practicing at Monza Circuit
Belgian, 3 February 1956, aged 39Succumbed to a case of tuberculosis he contracted a year earlier
Italian, 30 May 1957, aged 36Killed in a sportscar race in France after crashing into another competitor while driving a Ferrari 250TR
American, 14 July 1957, aged 30Killed in the Coupe de Vitesse event at Reims circuit while piloting a Lotus, only a week after his only F1 race appearance
British, 19 May 1958, aged 31Died in hospital the day after crashing in a sportscar race at Spa-Francorchamps while battling Masten Gregory for the lead
Italian, 6 July 1958, aged 33Fatally injured after striking a ditch and somersaulting when piloting a works Ferrari in the French GP
French, 1 August 1959, aged 38Succumbed to a skull fracture suffered when crashing into a flagpole in a sportscar race at AVUS, driving a Porsche RSK
British, 1 August 1959, aged 36Died in hospital six days after being ejected from his Cooper in a Formula 2 event at the Circuit de Charade in France
American, 31 January 1960, aged 30Killed after somersaulting with his Porsche sportscar during the 1000 km Buenos Aires race
Venezuelan, 27 February 1960, aged 38Died shortly after falling into a 150 feet deep canyon while driving a Ferrari 250TR sportscar in a racing event near Havana, Cuba
American, 13 May 1960, aged 38Killed when driving an old Cooper in a non-championship event at Silverstone after losing a wheel in rainy conditions
Italian, 15 June 1961, aged 38He, a biker and a minivan driver were killed in a bizarre incident when he left the track of Modena Autodrome and crashed into a public road at full speed
German, 10 September 1961, aged 33He and 15 spectators were killed after he collided with Jim Clark in the Italian GP, effectively handing the World Championship to his teammate Phil Hill
British, 12 April 1962, aged 38Killed while piloting a P-51 Mustang aircraft in preparation for breaking the Sydney-London solo flight record
Argentine, 9 March 1963, aged 39Died in his hometown of Buenos Aires, possibly from committing suicide
Dutch, 2 August 1964, aged 30Died a day after suffering severe injuries when crashing his Porsche in practice for the German GP, almost in the same spot as Niki Lauda 12 years later
British, 8 September 1966, aged 33Succumbed to massive burns suffered four weeks earlier after colliding with Jacky Ickx in the German GP
Italian, 10 May 1967, aged 31Died three days after suffering severe burns when his Ferrari crashed at the Harbour Chicane in the Monaco GP
British, 14 August 1967, aged 36Suffered serious chest and neck injuries after crashing in a test at Silverstone, dying shortly thereafter
British, 7 April 1968, aged 32Died instantly after breaking his neck when crashing his Lotus 48 in a Formula 2 race at Nürburgring, possibly caused by a deflating rear tyre
British, 7 May 1968, aged 31Succumbed to massive head injuries suffered when crashing his Lotus 56 into the concrete wall in Indy 500 practice
Italian, 8 June 1968, aged 34Died shortly after wrecking his Porsche 910 and being ejected from the cockpit in a hillclimb event near Berchtesgaden, Germany
Nationality, date, ageDriverInformation
Belgian, 30 March 1969, aged 34Killed when his Alfa Romeo T33 spun into a telegraph pole during Le Mans testing
Australian, 26 May 1969, aged 31Killed when his Lola T70 MkIIIB GT crashed and burned at Island Bend during the RAC Tourist Trophy at Oulton Park
Mexican, 27 July 1969, aged 33Killed after crashing his McLaren in a hillclimb event in Valle de Bravo, Mexico
German, 1 August 1969, aged 33Killed while practicing for the German GP in a Formula 2 project car due to a mechanical failure that led to his team withdrawing from the race
New Zealand, 2 June 1970, aged 32Died when testing a McLaren MD8 Can-Am car after losing the rear bodywork at full speed, losing control and crashing into a bunker
Mexican, 11 July 1971, aged 31Killed in an Interserie sportscar race at Norisring in Nuremberg after a slower driver edged his Ferrari 512M into a wall
Swiss, 24 October 1971, aged 35Died of asphyxiation after the suspension of his BRM broke in a non-championship event at Brands Hatch and no track marshall could provide a working fire extinguisher
American, 24 July 1972, aged 36Killed while flying as passenger of a Cessna 206 after the inexperienced pilot stalled the aircraft near Aspen, Colorado
American, 22 March 1974, aged 35Died instantly when crashing his Shadow in a test session at Kyalami Circuit after a front suspension failure
Swiss, 26 May 1974, aged 33Died shortly after suffering severe injuries when crashing his Lola-BMW in the 1000km sportscar race at Monza
American, 19 August 1975, aged 38Crashed his March during practice for the Austrian GP, killing a track marshall in the process. Appeared to have escaped unharmed, but lapsed into a coma and died the next day
Brazilian, 18 March 1977, aged 32Killed as passenger of a light aircraft after the pilot lost orientation and crashed in a heavy thunderstorm near Sao Paulo
Swedish, 11 September 1978, aged 34Died of renal failure caused by fat embolism a day after severely injuring his legs in a first-lap crash with his Lotus 78 in the Italian GP
French, 1 August 1980, aged 35Killed while testing for Alfa Romeo at Hockenheim after his car suffered a suspension failure and somersaulted into a barrier
Austrian, 7 April 1982, aged 33Killed while piloting a Beechcraft Bonanza after the aircraft suffered engine failure and crashed near Giessen, Germany
Canadian, 8 May 1982, aged 32Died of a fractured neck after crashing into Jochen Mass' March and being ejected from the cockpit of his Ferrari into a catch fencing
German, 24 April 1983, aged 39Died of head injuries sustained in am IMSA Camel GT event at Riverside International after the rear wing of his Porsche 935 broke at full speed of 190 mph
German, 12 August 1985, aged 33Fatally injured after crashing his Porsche 962C in a 1000 km sportscar event at Mosport Park
Austrian, 1 June 1986, aged 32Died from a fractured neck after his Porsche 962 suffered a mechanical failure during the 24 Hours of Le Mans and somersaulted multiple times before crashing into a telephone pole
French, 23 August 1987, aged 35Killed in an offshore powerboat racing crash after the boat he piloted flipped over due to accidentally riding a rough wave caused by an oil talker
Austrian, 30 April 1994, aged 33Died of a skull fracture shortly after crashing his Simtek into a wall at 195 mph in qualifying for the San Marino GP, the crash caused by a broken front wing that slid under the car and made braking and steering impossible
Brazilian, 1 May 1994, aged 34Killed instantly after leaving the race track behind the safety car and crashing his Williams into a barrier at the San Marino GP, with parts of the suspension and a tie rod severely injuring his skull and brainstem
British, 24 August 2015, aged 37Died of severe head injuries sustained when debris from Sage Karam's car impacted his head in the ABC Supply 500 IndyCar event

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