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Can you name the words and/or names that begin with consonant clusters that are unusual in English?

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Relating to the underworld; subterranean
Iconic fictional tentacled monster
Shostakovich or Medvedev
19th century composer best known for his 'New World Symphony'
Largest city on Poland's Baltic coast
Main ethnic group in Cambodia
Eastern European and Jewish snack food made with potatoes, onions, and savory filling
One of the four traditional castes or social orders in Hinduism
To whine or complain excessively
Capital of Swaziland
Capital of Chad
Second-largest city in Tunisia
Attractively thin; gracefully slender
Smallest state (by area) in Mexico
Insertion of a word into another word, as in 'a-whole-nother'
Biting flies native to sub-Saharan Africa
Most popular social network in Russia
Lenin or Nabokov
First name of Czech composer Fibich
Leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland

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