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Can you name the locations of the geographic features: Earth (E), the Moon (M), or elsewhere in the Solar System (S)?

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Lake of Autumn
Mount Sharp
Hula Valley
Kraken Sea
Sea of Serenity
Mount Wolff
Schrodinger Valley
Mount Ardeshir
Mount Wilhelm
Sea of Clouds
Mount Maxwell
Lake of Sorrow
Mount Elysium
Smyth Sea
Ligeia Sea
Humboldt Sea
Mount Agnes
Mount Seville
Mount Usov
Hypanis Valley
Glatt Valley
Al-Qahira Valley
Baade Valley
Mount Sif
Mount Vitruvius
Salisbury Plain
Lake of the Woods
Huo Hsing Valley
Sea of Moscow
Sea of Azov
Aburra Valley
Mount Augusta
Mount Kazbek
Mount Huygens
Guinevere Plain
Mount Ciuacoatl
Waimea Canyon
Rheita Valley
Mariner Valley
Mount Ulysses
Dao Valley
Lake of the Clouds
Mount Rinjani
Ligurian Sea
Lincoln Sea
Eos Canyon
Odin Plain
Sulu Sea

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