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Can you name the 4-letter words in these two parallel word ladders, answering in the same language in which the clue is written?

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NOTE: A few answers are proper names; all of these are spelled the same in both English and Spanish.
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☆ Emoción fuerte ☆
Cantante Tori
They're hooked up to guitars
Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, for example
Se los utiliza para volar
Cosas favoritas del surfista
Classic car brand, often followed by 'mobile'
Turkish lutes
Things that fizzle
Colina de arena, e.g. en el desierto
Satélite natural de la Tierra
Pelo de oveja (o, coloquialmente en México, dinero)
Narrow road
☆ Strong emotion ☆
★ Strong emotion ★
___ and hearty (in good shape)
Lo que un santo tiene sobre la cabeza
___ y aguja (necesidades para coser)
Little mountain
Líquido verde, segregado por el hígado
Goes quickly [old-fashioned]
Gardening implements
Foot parts
Uno y dos
God of war
Armazón que sostiene algo provisionalmente
Verdura larga, verde y crujiente
'La religión es el ___ del pueblo' (Marx)
★ Emoción fuerte ★

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