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Can you identify these places whose names contain at least four A's?

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HintPlace Name
East African capital city that serves as headquarters of the African Union
In 1965, 'Bloody Sunday' took place outside the town of Selma in this US state
City in northern Chile, located in the region of the same name
Cultural region centered around a mountain range in the eastern United States
Body of water into which the Red Sea and Persian Gulf open
Receiving just 15 mm of rainfall per year, this Chilean desert is the driest one on earth
Large lake in Alberta and Saskatchewan; shares its name with several other places in the region
Region that can be defined as Oceania minus Polynesia and Micronesia
Site of most launches for NASA's rockets and manned vehicles, including the Space Shuttle
Iconic 1942 film, or the African city where it's set
Former African capital, superseded by Dodoma since 1996
Third most populous city in Pakistan, located in the Punjab region
Touristy Spanish island whose largest city is Las Palmas
4th largest city in Mexico; capital of the state of Jalisco
Pacific island where a major WWII battle was fought; its primary city is Honiara
Malagasy is the most spoken language in this African country
Dramatic watery attraction on the US-Canada border
Structure that lets ships skip a trip around Cape Horn
Wealthy seaside town about 90 miles north of Los Angeles, sometimes called the 'American Riviera'
Muslim pilgrims making the Hajj must travel to this country

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