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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder, answering in the same language in which the clue is written?

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Note that some answers are proper names; all of these are spelled the same in both English and Spanish, but the language of the clue varies. Accented and unaccented vowels (á vs. a) count as the "same" letter for word-ladder purposes. Good luck!
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Opposite of 'there'
Person admired or idealized for noble qualities
Conjunción usada para contraponer dos cosas
Lo que un calvo no tiene
Pieza de madera; con 'alto', ciudad californiana
Cloth spread over a coffin; it may have 'bearers'
Common form of medication delivery
Órgano más grande del cuerpo humano
Luna de ____ (después de la boda)
A person's look or manner
Años de soledad (o dólares en un 'Benjamin')
'Ellos no me ____ bien' (= no me gustan)
Brother of Abel
Central; chief in importance
Escritor alemán de 'La montaña mágica'
País cuya capital es Bamako
Sex associated with the XY genotype in humans
The Proclaimers would walk 500 times this distance
Swampy, boggy terrain
Dirige la vista a algo
Va a escuchar
Producto intelectual en ciencias, letras o artes
'¿Puedo pedirle que ____ la puerta?'
Swedish pop group behind the musical 'Mamma Mia!'
Those seeking an advice column's help may write to her
In a capable manner
Cooperator or supporter
Opuesto de 'aquí'

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