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Can you name the words that have the same consonant pattern as U.S. state capitals? (See below for full instructions.)

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Given a crossword-style hint and the name of a US state, you must come up with a word that 1) fits the hint and 2) has the same consonants in the same order as that state's capital. Remember that Y is sometimes a vowel. Any number of vowels may appear in any order (e.g. words that might fit the consonant pattern of ROME include ARM, REAM, and AROMA). Good luck!
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Hint / StateWordCapital
Components of a six-pack / Idaho
Unite / Alaska
Pixar icon / Washington
Squalid sector / Oregon
Ascend / South Carolina
Before / South Dakota
Van follower, in hard rock? / Montana
The Adversary / Texas
Ability / Georgia
Hint / StateWordCapital
Self-interested one / Maine
Pigment-free / New York
Wolf down / Delaware
Refrain (from) / Massachusetts
Surprise and confuse / Maryland
Units of charge / Ohio
'What in ___?' (old-timey euphemism) / New Jersey
Places that collect fees / Florida

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