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Can you name the words that have the same consonant pattern as world capitals? (See below for full instructions.)

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Given a crossword-style hint and the name of a country, you must come up with a word that 1) fits the hint and 2) has the same consonants in the same order as that country's capital. Any number of vowels may appear in any order (e.g. words that fit the consonant pattern of ROME include ARMY and REAM). The first answer is given as an example after you click "play". Good luck!
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Hint / CountryWordCapital
Upper extremity of human body / Italy
Female fowl / Vietnam
____ mater / Peru
Slip of the keyboard / Taiwan
Terminate prematurely / Lebanon
Ordinary, typical, expected / Norway
Unoccupied / Mozambique
Happen / Ghana
Military rank, or type of key / Marshall Islands
Prejudiced person / Colombia
Act with haste / Zimbabwe
Betwixt / Nicaragua
Excessive consumption over a short time period (e.g. booze, Netflix) / Central African Republic
Penny-pincher / Lesotho
Expunge / Czech Republic
Periodic path in space / Morocco
Glossy fabric / Kazakhstan
To feel longing / Nauru
Bottomless chasm / Guinea-Bissau
Selected, elected, picked / Moldova
Emblem of a team / Oman
Ringling Bros or Piccadilly, e.g. / Venezuela
Hint / CountryWordCapital
Flee faster than / Albania
God's turf / Cuba
Cut into / Cyprus
Harbor for small boats / Comoros
Reddish brown / Switzerland
Browse / France
Sovereign's seat / Iran
Type of deciduous tree / UK
US state / Zambia
Jeweled crown or headband / Tanzania
Instruction booklet / Philippines
Weak, delicate, flimsy / Tunisia
Household cleaner chemical / Jordan
Support structure for sleep spot / Hungary
Sapphic / Portugal
More shady / Eritrea
Type of blind or Italian / Laos
Pirate's currency / Ireland
Organism that thrives without oxygen / Kenya
Queasy / Bahamas
Beset with difficulties / Serbia

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