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Can you name the sci-fi movies voted by NASA scientists as the seven best and seven worst of all time, taking into account both artistic merit and (especially) scientific plausibility?

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1. This CGI-laden disaster film drew criticism not only for its ludicrous plot, in which cataclysmic events are set off when the Earth is bombarded by neutrinos (particles known in reality for not interacting with matter), but also for capitalizing on the public's fears of the titular doomsday event. (2009, ironically) 
2. Defying materials science, geology, and logic, this 'so-bad-it's-good' movie features a team of scientists who must save the world by detonating nukes at the center of the earth, to which they personally travel in a drilling vessel made of 'unobtainium'. (2003) 
3. Bruce Willis averts a world-ending asteroid impact by blowing the asteroid in half, a plan that director Michael Bay was not aware would just lead to the Earth's destruction by two half-as-massive asteroids with the same total kinetic energy. (1998) 
4. When the titular object bizarrely forms overnight in the middle of Los Angeles, Tommy Lee Jones springs into action to protect the city from disaster. (1997) 
5. In this confusing thriller whose attempts to explain its premise are internally inconsistent, Keanu Reeves helps develop a technique to generate unlimited energy from water, but is targeted by a government conspiracy to suppress the new technology. (1997) 
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger is cloned against his will, then thrust into an action plot filled with cheap twists derived from revealing that characters actually are (or are not) clones. (2000) 
7. This New Agey pseudo-documentary film, which proposes mystical connections between quantum physics and consciousness, was condemned for quoting actual scientists out of context to make it appear that they supported the movie's ideas. (2004) 
1. In this thoughtful film, which bombed at the box office but was praised for its engagement with real-life issues in bioethics, Ethan Hawke rebels against a dystopian eugenics-based society where genetic discrimination is legal. (1997) 
2. This smart but sentimental adaptation of a Carl Sagan novel, which both depicts realistic techniques used by the SETI program and raises age-old themes of the conflict between science and faith, stars Jodie Foster as a scientist who finds evidence of extraterrestrial life. (1997) 
3. Set in a futuristic city plagued by social inequality, this visionary German Expressionist film features industrial hellscapes, Art Deco, and a sinister female robot. (1927) 
4. A robot and an alien named Klaatu land in Washington, DC to deliver a message to the human race in this film that speaks to Cold War anxieties about nuclear warfare and atomic energy. (1951) 
5. This melodrama about a space voyage, by the same director as #3, predicted future details of rocket engineering so accurately that the Nazis later banned the film because their classified V-2 weapons program had similarities to the movies's fictional spacecraft. (1929) 
6. In this classic horror film, scientists in the Arctic investigate a crashed flying saucer and defrost what appears to be a body trapped in the ice, unwittingly releasing a dangerous plant-based alien. (1951) 
7. Like #1, this blockbuster depicts an irresponsible application of genetics. Unlike #1, it also depicts velociraptors. (1993) 

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