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What creature is hunted in the episode 'Heart'?
Who is a douche bag?
What does Sam get addicted to?
What does Dean say in reply to Sam saying 'jerk'?
What is the brother's father's name?
What is the name of season 1 episode 2?
What animal chases Dean in 'Yellow Fever'?
Who is the demon who Sam wrongly trusts?
Who is Sam and Dean's brother?
What is Cas?
What is the brother's mother's name?
What should you say when you want to swear?
What song plays during the end of most seasons?
What is Croatoan?
What are Sam and Dean on Thursdays?
What is the name of Ellen's daughter?
Who is the funniest angel?
What year is Dean's car ?
Who is Cas gonna find?
What was Sam's girlfriend's name?
Who is the brother's friend and mentor?

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