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One thing I miss is Coldand her skeleton kiss
We met last night making love by thelight
Ethyl Ethyl let meyou in my arms
Ethyl Ethyl come andme with your charms
One thing, no lie Ethyl'sas an Eskimo pie
She's cool in bed, she's gotta be 'cause Ethyl'sEthyl, Ethyl, let me squeeze you in my arms. Ethyl, Ethyl, come and freeze me with your charms.
One thing it'sCold Ethyl I am stuck on you
Andis my way, Ethyl don't have much to say
Come here cold Ethyl whatyou so cold ooh so cold
Cold Ethyl, ColdEthyl cold Ethyl cold cold Ethyl
If I live 'tilyou'll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven
'Cause you're cool, you'reCold Ethyl you're my paradise

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Created Aug 5, 2014ReportNominate
Tags:Alice Cooper

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