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Can you name the names of all the Cal Leandros character up to book 4?

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What are they?NameHint
Half-Human Half-AupheMain Character
HumanBook 1
HumanBook 1
VampireAll of the books
VampireBook 4
VampireBook 4
PuckRob Fellows
BansheeBook 1
BoggleBook 1
PuckThe Hob
ChupacabraBook 4
Were-wolfBook 3
Were-wolfBook 2
Were-wolfThe character above's son
Were-wolfBook 2
Were-wolfHas two heads and were-wolf Mafia Boss
What are they?NameHint
Were-wolfTrapped in Wolf-form
Were-wolfAnother Were-wolf Mafia Boss
Were-wolfWere-wolf mafia member
Were-wolfWere-wolf mafia member
Were-wolfWere-wolf mafia member
TrollLives under Brooklynn Bridge
MummyBook 3
PeriOwner of 9th Circle
PeriWorker at 9th Circle
PeriWorker at 9th Circle
PeriBook 4
HumanGypsy in Book 2
ImmortalProud Protector of The Rain Forest
Shobolon/Were-ratBook 4
ImmortalPied Piper of Hamelin
Red CapAlexander Beane
HealerBook 3
HumanWorker at Metropolitan Museum
HumanMaid of another character

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