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Can you spell the vocabs from Spelling LSpelling
We took ___________ with us on
our ___________ last Saturday
A ___________office is the workplace of
a ___________
The ___________ chased
___________accros the yard
The ___________ sister grabbed her
sister's ___________ and wore it herself
He was ___________ on the day we
studied this ___________ on syllables
My neighbor's flowers are in a ___________
in Brooklyn Park for having the best ___________ in the neighborhood
___________ is a
___________ place for a vacation
She wanted her wealthy ___________ to
Can you spell the vocabs from Spelling LSpelling
to ___________ a scolarship for deserving high school students.
All of a ___________ we saw at least a
___________ people standing on
the shore of the ___________ Ocean staring at the high waves
My __________ is 3116 E
He started driving when the __________ turned blue.
My shirt is 100% __________
Mitu says no __________!
Onions are always kept at the __________ of the cabinet
I lost my __________ on my shirt
Math is my favorite __________
Chief, head
right, correct

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