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Forced Order
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A guy falls in love with a girl in the school's library. In the end, he finds out she's in love with someone else.
A group of girls are in love with a guy who plays table tennis. They beat his girlfriend, who also plays table tennis.
A bunch of guys at school all like the same girl, but she doesn't like any of them. In the end, one of the guys takes her hand and runs away.
A girl kills his abusive boyfriend and a guy who likes her takes the blame and goes to prison in her place.
A guy meets a blind girl while practicing piano and falls in love with her, but he has an illness and ends up dying.
The mv happens in the future. A group of women are tired of their virtualized life and they burn everything up.
In a school for delinquents, a guy is bullied. Then, all the students are fighting against each other.
A girl who has a crush on a guy imagines herself talking and going out with him, but he actually has a girlfriend.
A group of guys is sent to another planet to save a girl.
A group of girls who are trying to kill each other. There's an Itchy and Scratchy reference.
A new girl arrives to the prison and all the guys there fall in love with her. They all end up having a pillow fight.
A guy is staying at a haunted house. He has cameras all over the place.
A bunch of guys who are fighting against the police later get captured and are released by one of their comrades.
A guy reminisces about his girlfriend. He listens to a tape she left him.
A guy finds a girl in the trash and takes her home. Then he exchanges her for his girlfriend who had been kidnapped by another guy.
A girl goes on a trip with her friends, but all of them die in a traffic accident, leaving her mom alone.
A girl is reading a fairy tale and is then transported into the story, where a character appears and kills her with a bomb.
A group of friends find a pair of glasses that allows them to see people's true selves.
A group of guys rebel against the system. They mess everything up and fight against the police.
A group of friends are watching a movie. The movie's about a man who's going out with a lot of girls at the same time.

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