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To become a Monster like me, is to admit you were to weak to remain Human.
I am here to take your unlife, Mr. Alucard. Millenium has given me the task of bringing you in; well, at least a sample of you, anyway.
How does it feel having someone **** with your head!?
And our epitaph? 'Here lies the fearsome Wild Geese who kicked beaucoup Nazi ass for queen and crumpets.' But they won't write any of that. Because of you it'll say: 'Here lies tho
Demon, do not cry. What frightful dream haunts you
God, you're pathetic. And I was so sure you'd be a challenge. You're trash, like all those men I killed. Now, how to end this? Maybe I should just cut your head off. I've seen what
You've never seen anything like me before! I was designed to surpass you in every way! I was born to be your death!
Run them down! Do not let any of them leave the island alive! Search and Destroy!!
You're so slow. In the time it took you to walk down one little hallway, I went all the way to London, got my head blown off, and made it back. Perhaps you should start thinking ab
****, these are some fine cigars. Like, all bourgeois and ****. I mean, come on, that's just **** up! People are starving in the world, and she's wasting money on this? A slow an
Here it comes - I can feel it! A mighty river...a river of death! The dead shall dance...and all of Hell shall sing!
I highly recommend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent God
Oh, you're up! I ran out of paint before I could finish, so I had to improvise. It was a bit drab up here, so I thought I'd properly christen our new ship. Much more homey, don't y
He thinks that it is music. The music of the battlefield! The Major...! He's conducting it! The battle is his symphony...and we are his instruments. Great, howling instruments, wai
England...is guilty! The heathens...are guilty! You are all now sentenced...to your death! Death! Death! Death! DEATH!

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