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JUNJOU ROMANTICA: PURE ROMANCE What University did Misaki Takahashi want to go to?
SOUL EATER What school did Maka want to become part of?
MAXIMUM RIDE Who in the group was able to find their parents, but was used to give them profit as a 'freak with bird wings'?
SEX PISTOLS Madarame Yonekuni is half Snake hald Dragon, but which parent gave him what animal?
SUKYSHO What is the name of the ghost who wished to be Sora's lover?
HANASAKERU SEISHOUNEN Eugene Alexander de Volkan is Baron volkan's son number
TODARORA Name two people that Nanako Kashii is often seen with
AVATAR: THE LAST AIR BENDER Who's name in Avatar means 'Peach' in both Japanese and Chinese?
MAIDEN ROSE What is the correct spelling of 'The Mad Dog's' name?
KOISURU BOUKUN Was Professor always Homophobic?
HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD In the last episode - The OVA to be exact - How did they Zombies get on the Island?
HIGURASHI Who gave Hainiryūn Yeasomūru Jeda nickname a nickname?
TOUHOU What race is Remilia?
BLUE EXORCIST What is the name of Amaimon's familiar? The Hobgoblin?
THE BOY WHO PICKED UP A MERMAN The name of the Merman is a type of an animal - Isaki - What animal is it?
MIRAI NIKKI What is Akise Aru called by Deus in the Third World?
ATTACK ON TITAN 'Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!' is mainly aimed towards Eren by who?
MONOCHROME FACTOR Hiryu, Sawaki and Shiki are?
BLACK BUTLER Sebastian is ________ to salt.
BROTHER'S CONFLICT The 7th created Ema's favourite game. What is the game called?
DEATH NOTE Name the man that Light Yagami kill first?
UMINEKO What rank is Zepar?
URABOKU Who out of all the characters, is named after the 'city of lust' in the Bible?
SHIKI The name Jinrou is a pecial type of werewolf who can stand sun, who is this name used towards?
AICHI ICABUS What is Ren's 'familiar' that he can summon?
TOGAINU NO CHI What did Kiriwar name his weapon?
CODE GEASS What is Suzzaku's Knight Frame callled and what generation is it?
BLACK LAGOON What type of Gun does Revy use?
HELLSING ULTIMATE What did the Cathle have Jagged on it? [Alucard's first gun]
DARKER THAN BLACK What is Mao's Messier Code?

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