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Can you name the Majora's Mask Characters?

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Toilet Dweller
Moon Mask
Story Teller
Mother Moon Mask
Head Pirate
Deposit... PLEASE
Chomp Chomp!
Swimming Racers
Snoring Slumber
...Secret Society of Justice
B-r-a- name Carpenter
B-r-e- Name Carpenter
Alt. Name of Deku Seller
Giant Captain Stalchild
Head Clock Town Knight
Alt. Name of Carnival Commitee
The Guards
Milk Maid
Graveyard Watcher
Goron Warrior
Deku Racer
Deku Mask's Original Body
Alt. Name of Boss Scrub
Odolwa's Captive
Frog Obsess
Trusty Stead
Indigo-Gos' Leader
Angry God
Seahorse Captor
Song of Storms Teacher
Moon Holders
Singing Ribbits
Maker of Swords
/V1/VJ4 R4C3
/V1/VJ4 M4573R
Floating Tortoise
The 4th Goddess
Vampire Mini-Boss
Crybaby Circus Leader
Horse Racing Cheaters
Circus Performing in the Carnival
Old Frozen Goron
Crybaby Goron
Alternate Powder Keg Guy
Magic Giver
Cucco Obsess
Organ Grinder
Insane Mask Seller
Gaming Lovers
Rock Serloin Masticator
King of Ikana
Servants of the King
Sonata of Awakening Instructor
Laid-back Bassist
Bombers' Leader
Annoying Owl
Cursed Sun Mask
Dead Dancer
Spirit Fox
Witches at Odd Jobs
The Pointy-Eared Hero from an Other World
Indigo-Gos' Singer
Children of the Masks
Mother Sun Mask
Main Boss
Doggy Obsess
Laboratory Man
Father Sun Mask
Powder Keg Guy
Indigo-Gos' Guitarist
Primate(s) in the Swamp
The Thing in the Sky
Milk of the Night Server
Head Carpenter
Head Carpenter's Assistant
Woodfall Boss
Scaredy Girl
Weird Things Researcher
The Guy on the Cliff
4 Poe Girls
Runner of Clock Town
Little Ranch Girl
Twin Dancers
Frolicking Thief
'Fishy' Lover
Melody of Darkness Player
Telescope Man
Like a Rock
Supposed Main Boss
Instructor with a Mustache
Young Mister Fairy
Little Miss Fairy
Indigo-Gos' Drummer
Green Tights
Father Moon Mask
Indigo-Gos' Manager
Comedian Juggling Brothers
Businessman of Swords

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