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After the Persian Wars, Athens flourished and was rebuilt under whose leadership?
What was the name for the wars between two alliances of Greek city-states?
What term describes humans' first way of life (their first two jobs)?
What was the first Roman province?
After the twelve tribes of Israel were split, what name did the ten northern tribes have?
What is the term for the common people of ancient Rome?
Which Roman hero single-handedly held off invaders and saved Rome?
What type of government did the Romans establish in 509 B.C.?
Where were footraces held to honor Zeus?
What is the Greek term for a city-state?
What writing system did the ancient Egyptians use?
What is the name for the stretch of bountiful land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf?
What is the Greek term for the public marketplace?
Which Egyptian ruler first united upper and lower Egypt?
Which Egyptian ruler wore a false beard to legitimize her power?
What group of hominids went extinct around 30,000 years ago?
Who is the monk that created our current date system?
What is the term for pride that often leads to the downfall of a character in Greek tragedies?
What is the term for 'rule of three men'?
What naval battle ended the civil war between Octavian and Antony?
Who were the mainland Greeks that conquered the earliest Greeks?
What is the term for a scientist who finds artifacts in order to study past cultures?
What is the term for 'rule by the people'?
What language did the ancient Romans speak?
What is the term for how people deal with the distribution of goods and resources in a society?
What is the term for a god or goddess?
What term means 'Roman peace'?
What is the name for the 'land between the rivers'?
Who was the Carthaginian general who attacked Rome in the Second Punic War?
What is the term for the public square that housed the senate and much of Rome’s daily business?
What is the term for 'Greek-like'?
Which Egyptian ruler refocused worship on the god Aten?
What is the term for 'rule by one'?
What is the term for the wealthy class in ancient Rome?
What is the name of the most famous neolithic settlement, discovered in modern Turkey?
What artifact was discovered by a French soldier in 1799 and led to the deciphering of ancient Egyptian writing?
In what battle did a small number of Spartans and other Greeks hold off the invading army of Xerxes?
Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?
What was the temple dedicated to Athena on the Acropolis in Athens called?
What is the term for a people's way of life?
What is the term for a religious monument in Mesopotamia?
What Greek religious center was home to a famous oracle?
At what major naval battle did the Athenians defeat the Persians?
What is the title of the oldest known written story?
Who divided the Athenians into ten tribes and created the Council of Five Hundred?
What was the first written language?
What is the term for the Roman laws posted in public?
What was the last name of the brothers who attempted to redistribute land to poor Romans before they were killed?
What is the term for 'rule by a few'?
Which Roman statesman came out of retirement to defend Rome and resigned as dictator as soon as the task was done?

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