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Can you name the phrases, titles, people and places containing 'king' or 'queen'?

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A rotund Spider-Man villain; or, a 1996 Farrelly Brothers film
Australian state containing the cities of Brisbane, Mackay, and Cairns
Jamaican capital and site of a 1907 earthquake
Writer of political works such as Why We Can’t Wait and Letter From a Birmingham Jail
Song where ABBA feels “young and sweet, only 17”
Fay Wray’s swatting simian
Performer of “U.N.I.T.Y” and “Ladies First”; or, a frequent host of the People’s Choice Awards
Place where a family can experience a blizzard and an earthquake on the same visit. Dennis the Menace would approve
Their slogan is, “have it your way”
Also called Wild Carrot or Bird’s Nest, this plant’s seeds are often used in birth control pills
RuPaul, for example
Frequently matrimonied talk show host known for distinctive suspenders
In The Jungle Book, he wanted to be like you-oo-oo
High ranking position claimed by DiCaprio on Titanic’s bow
Contains the lyrics, “thy choicest gifts in store/ on her be pleased to pour / long may she reign'
Anne Rice novel that later became Aaliyah’s final film role

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