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Forced Order
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What is Rons patronus?
Who is the first character to be seen in the Harry Potter series?
What broomstick does Harry recieve in the third book?
Where would you find Nargles?
What does dumbledore change his quote to? (film)
There is no good and evil, only...
Do not pity the dead Harry, pity the living, and above all...
Who kills Peter Pettigrew?
What is Nevilles biggest fear?
who says ' its leviooosa not leviosaaa'?
What does Malfoy usually say to threaten people?
Name Harry's second youngest child
How does Ron pass his driving test?
What is Tom Marvollo Riddle an anagram of?
What does dumbledore say he sees in the mirror in the first Harry Potter?
According to Hermione what is worse than getting killed?
What does Hermione think of Wizards chess?
What is Luna's fathers first name?
What does Malfoy say when he sees Harry's glasses while he is under the influence of polyjuice potion?
What flavour Bertie Botts every flavoured bean does dumbledore eat at the end of the first harry Potter?
Why did charity burbage get killed?
Who did Neville take to the yule ball?
How does Harry free Dobby?
who says 'you've got dirt on your nose, did you know?'
What is Snapes patronus?

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