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psychology terms
The horse that could count but couldn't
Psychologist who figured out the mistery of Clever Hans
Clever Hans' owner
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes; the study of the mind
A study conducted via careful observations and scientifically based research
Erroneous assertions or practices set forth as being scientific psychology; unscientific psychology such as fortune tellling
The tendency to attend to evidence that complements and confirms our beliefs or expectations, while ignoring evidence does not
A widely acclaimed treatment for autisim
psychologists who do research on basic psychological processes- as contrasted with applied psychologists; also called research psychologists
psychologists whose primary job is teaching, typiclaly in high schools, colleges, and universaties
psychologists who use the knowledge developed by experimental psychologists to solve human problems
a medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
a historical school of psychology devoted to uncovering the basic structures that make up the mind and thought
the process of reporting in one's own conscious mental experiances
a historical school of psychology that believed mental processes could best be understoon in terms of their adaptive purpose and function ; a mental process that was continuosly ch
a historical school of psychology that sought to understand how the brain works by studying perception and perpetual learning; focused on the whole
psychology terms
a historical school of psychology that sought to make psychology and objective science focused only on behavior- to the exclusion of the mental process
an approach to psychology based on Sigmund Freud's assertions, which emphasize unconcious processes
the psychoanalytical perspective that searches for the causes of behavior in the functioning of genes, the brain, and the nervous system, and endocrine system
teh field devoted to understanding how teh brain creates thoughts, feelings, motives, conciousness, memories, abd other mental processes
a relatively new specialty in psychology that sees behavior and mental processes in terms of genetic adaptations for survival and reproduction
a psychological perspective that finds teh source of our actions in enviromental stimuli, rather than inner mental processes
a clinical viewpoint emphasizing human ability, growth, potential, and free will
teh psychological perspective emphasizing changes that occur acorss the lifespan
the psychologcal perspective emphasizing mental processes such as learning, memory, perception, and thinking as forms of information processing
mental processes such as thinking, memory, sensation, and perception
the psychological perspective emphasizing mental health and mental ilness
a clinical viewpoint emphasizing the understanding of mental disorders in terms of unconscious needs, desires, memories, and conflicts
a complex blend of languages, beliefs, customs, values, traditions, ect. shared with others in the same enviroment
a psychological perspective emphasizing the importance of social interaction, social learning, and a cultural perspective
a psychological perspective that views behavior and personality as the products of enduring psychological characteristics

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