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Origin City
This city is named after the Parisii tribe.
The name is thought to derive from a Kyrgyz word for a churn used to make kumis, the Kyrgyz national drink.
This American city's name comes from the French word for 'strait.'
From the Chinese for 'northern Taiwan.'
This city's name was dervied from a Persian word meaning 'modern.'
The name of this city is believed to come from the Tagalog phrase for 'there is nila(a flowering mangrove plant.)'
This Asian's capital name is believed to come from the French pronunciation of its local name, Viang-Chiang, meaning 'City of Sandalwood.'
This city's name is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Simhapuram' meaning 'Lion City.'
The name of this city comes from the Turkish saray ovası, meaning the field around saray.
The name of this English city originates from a combination its ancient Roman name Mamucium, and the Old English ceaster or town.
The name of this major city derives from a medievial Greek phrase meaning 'To the City.'
The most common theory is that the name of this European capital comes from a Dutch phrase meaning 'home in the marsh.'
This city's name comes from the old Slavic for 'ford.'
This city's name means 'muddy confluence' in Malay
This city's name is dervied from the Arabic word al-Jazā’ir which translates to 'The Islands' A reference to four islands that laid off the city's coasts.
This African city's name comes from the word Nkran meaning 'ants' in Akan, a reference to many anthills that could be seen in the surrounding countryside
This city's name comes from the nearby Moskva River, with the city's name meaning 'the city by the Moskva River.'
This city's name comes from the Arabic al-Qāhira, meaning 'The Victorious.'
This Middle Eastern city comes from an Arabic word, meaning 'the sticky tree.'
This South American city means 'river of January' in Portugese.
Origin City
From a Phoenician phrase meaning 'safe harbor.'
The name of this Asian city is believed to come from a Phoenician word meaning 'fountain.'
This Oceanic capital takes its name from the more noted name of Arthur Wellesley, most famous for his defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.
The name of this city likely came from the Iroquois word for 'place where trees stand in the water.'
This Asian city was named after Mai Kolachi, an old fisher woman who settled near the delta of the Indus River to start a new community.
The name of this city is believed to come from the ancient Veneti people who inhabited the region in the 10th century BC.
The Latinized name of this North African city comes from the Portuguese for 'white house.'
This city's name comes from the term 'limaq' meaning 'talker' in coastal Quechua
This city was named after a local Taino chief named Habaguanex.
This African city comes from a Greek word meaning 'the three cities'
The name of this major Asian city comes from the Old Javanese word for 'victorious deed' or 'complete victory.'
This city was originally called the Spanish for 'Holy Mary of the Fair Winds.' eventually, it ended up shortened to the Spanish for 'fair winds.'
Originally named Edo, meaning estuary, this major city's name was changed to a word meaning 'eastern capital' when it became the imperial capital in 1868.
This African city's name means 'lakes' in Portuguese.
From a Serbian word meaning, 'white city.'
Named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom.
This European city's name comes from the ancient Greek word meaning 'wisdom.'
This city is named for the British Home Secretary Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney.
This city's name comes from the Chinese for 'northern capital.'
The city was named after its founder, Alexander the Great.

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