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Do you know the best of the worst of Formula One?

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The Claim To InfamyThe Reject
Not to be confused with his much more successful nephew
MTV didn't make them into rock stars
Tragically the other man who died at Imola
Their car was called an interesting its designer
Wait, they actually went racing?
Scared a famous manufacturer away from Formula One
Knew shoes, but not racing
Some say Top Gear wasn't where he first wore black
They looked ridiculous, also they were slow
The Claim To InfamyThe Reject
The jokes about brazen Japanese F1 drivers might start with him
Not an actual Reject, but that didn't stop fate from trying to make him into one
Humiliation followed them after they changed their name
We'll probably never know what he was doing
He's F1 Rejects website's Chuck Norris, or its Voldemort, whichever comes first
Glitz, money, glamour...didn't grace F1 here
True to form, they at least looked cool
Proof that having two first names isn't just a problem for Americans

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